Frequently asked questions

You’re enrolled!  Here are a few questions that are often asked.  We hope it helps.

When is tuition due and can I pay online?
Tuition is due by the 10th each month.  We use “Procare” which is a program that allows you to pay by debit card, cash or check.  No credit card payment option.

What if I want to talk to the teachers but they always look pretty busy?
The teachers would be happy to chat with you.  Let them know you’d like to chat!  You can always reach them via ProCare message as well

How do I find out what my child is doing in class?
Every day the teachers write down on the whiteboard outside the class what we’ve done. This is to give you a little peek into what the day was like.  You are also welcome to ask us!

What about siblings?  When will it be time to sign them up for school
We love getting siblings on the list for future enrollment.  You want to get them on the enrollment list the year they turn two.  New families list starts May 1 and previous families list starts April 1.  If either of these dates falls on a weekend, it will that next Monday.

Can my child use the After Care program on any of the five afternoons? Can we come on an occasional morning we aren’t normally enrolled? Can I just show up for Early Care at 8am?
Yes!  If you are enrolled in MWF for example, you can pick up an extra afternoon (anytime between 12-4:30) on Tue. or Thu.  There is no morning care however.  The aftercare program starts at noon every day.  Although the before-school care program almost always has room for a “drop in”, we ask you to call us first.  On occasion, we are full and unable to take another child.  Calling the night before or even at 7:30 the morning of is helpful.  Remember, there is NO early care from 9am-noon.

If my child is sick can we get credit for the time they didn’t attend?  Can we just come on a “make-up” day?
Unfortunately, we cannot give credits for time not attended, regular program or the early/after care.  We cannot do make-up times either, as the enrollment is full so we simply don’t have space for extra kids!