Julie MacDonald

Brush Creek Nursery School Program Director

Julie started at Brush Creek in 1978, right out of high school.

She knew she always wanted to be a teacher or work with young children in some capacity.

She was a product of local public schools. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education and continues her knowledge and connection to the ECE community by taking classes/workshops, serving on a Board at the JC and is an active member of the Mentor teacher and Director selection committee.

Julie is married to Kel (whom she has known since 1st grade). A chance meeting brought them together in their 50’s. They like to travel, spend time with their family, their kitties and chickens.

“Brush Creek is an amazing community of people, striving to provide excellent care and curriculum for the kids we are privileged to work with. It’s my life’s work, but also my absolute pleasure.”

Nancy Libby


Nancy started at Brush Creek (as a teacher’s aide) in 1981. The next year was her first teaching year.

She volunteered at BC as a teenager and the Director at the time proved to be a strong mentor to Nancy and made a big impression on her. She encouraged Nancy to go to the JC and take an ECE class. That was the beginning.

Nancy holds an ECE certificate thru SRJC. She continues to attend conferences and workshops.

Nancy enjoys hiking, spending times with family and friends and exploring our beautiful county and surrounding areas.

Heather Miller


Heather started at Brush Creek in June 1986.

Heather always wanted to be a teacher. She came to the school in the role of a teacher’s aide and quickly realized the field of ECE was her calling. Preschoolers in particular inspire Heather.

Heather finished her AA degree in ECE at SRJC. She had some experience in a daycare setting before her BC days, but really honed her skills here.

Heather enjoys reading and scrapbooking. In the summer she can be found spending lazy days on Lake Shasta with her family on their houseboat. Her husband and two boys fill her days with joy.

Karin Manning

Administrative Assistant

She loves children AND organizing!  As her kids are getting older, BCNS has given Karin the opportunity to work close to home with bright young kids who remind her of her own preschool days.

Karin has a BA in English from UCSB. She’s had twenty years of working in administrative offices with a high level of customer service.

Karin enjoys spending time with her husband, their two kids, Ceili and Conor, and two dogs.  They enjoy hiking, traveling to new (and favorite) destinations, reading and watching movies together.

Janice Carpenter


Janice started to work at Brush Creek in 2002.

She loves kids and didn’t fully realize it until she had her own three. That prompted her to go get her teaching credential.

Janice has a BFA from Syracuse University in Advertising. She has a multiple subject teaching credential with emphasis in ECE from San Francisco State. She also holds a teaching permit and site supervisor permit thru SRJC.

Janice enjoys sports, art, exercise and reading. She is married with three adult children.

Vicki Briggs


Vicki started at Brush Creek in 1982.

She has always loved working with children. It’s been the best part of her life. Looking at their smiling faces and bright eyes remind Vicki what a wonderful world it is and what potential they have. They truly are the future.

Vicki completed the ECE program at SRJC and has a certificate in Child development. She continues to learn by attending conferences and lectures to broaden her knowledge of her chosen field.

Vicki has a wonderful family that is growing with the addition of several grandkids. The family loves to camp, hike, keep family traditions going strong. Vicki feels so lucky to have her extended family close by so she can enjoy them.